Ultimate Strumming Course – Not-So-Basic Strumming

21 Videos (100 min total)

Want some more variety to your strum patterns and techniques? This course is designed to help you learn new rhythms and how to embellish them. Techniques such as chunking and accents are applied to 14 different example strum patterns complete with chord progressions. These patterns are all themed to styles of music, from rock to reggae, so that you can fit new rhythms to songs you already know, as well as help you learn new songs. By the end of this course, you’ll have an extensive collection of new patterns and techniques that you can use with any song.


Not-So-Basic Strumming Videos:
1. Introduction to Not-So Basic Strumming
2. Accent (6 examples) – How to add accents to change strum feel
3. Chunk (7 examples) – Breaking down the most widely used uke technique
4. Sweep (4 examples) – The roll / fan stroke to create emphasis
5. Single Note Strum (3 examples) – How to add single notes to create depth
Example Strumming Patterns (techniques used):
6. Calypso Pattern (Accent, Sweep)
7. Island Pattern (Chunk, Single Note Strum)
8. Rock Backbeat (Chunk)
9. Rasta Pattern (Chunk)
10. Indie Uke Pattern (Accent)
11. Egyptian Clave (Chunk, Sweep)
12. 1950s Ballad (Accent)
13. Bluegrass Pattern (Single Note Strum)
14. Western Pattern (Single Note Strum)
15. Love Song Pattern (Accent)
16. Folk Lullaby (Sweep)
17. Bubble Gum Pop (Chunk)
18. Irish Jig (Accent)
19. Disco Funk (Chunk, Sweep)
20. Samba Pattern (Chunk)
21. Hand Jive (Accent, Chunk)

About Matt:

Matt Dahlberg is an ukulele teacher and performer based in Seattle, Washington. A former student of Aldrine Guerrero, Matt has gone on to become a much sought after ukulele instructor teacher over 4000 lessons over the course of the past 6 years. Recalling his own struggles learning to strum the ukulele, Matt has developed his own method of teaching beginners how to master strumming. If you’ve been struggling with strumming and strumming patterns, Matt’s Ultimate Strumming Course might be just what you have been looking for.

Matt Dahlberg

Hi, I’m Matt, and welcome to my store! I love the ukulele. The only thing I enjoy more than playing it, is helping other people learn to play things they thought they never could. Ever since my gameboy ran out of batteries on my grandpa’s boat, I’ve been totally obsessed with the ukulele. It is small enough to carry anywhere, but can play anything with the right mindset and approach! The instrument didn’t make sense to me at first, and that was the appeal. It was a challenge to overcome – each and every technique, chord, and song. When I was in college, I studied music and I brought my ukulele to every class I had with the intent of cracking the code and learning how it all worked. The internet also proved to be an incredible resource with sites such as Ukulele Underground being my best teachers! The ‘aha’ moments were my absolute favorite part of learning. I started as a performer, but I was never very comfortable as one. Playing in front of people was nerve-wracking! Teaching on the other hand, is something I’m absolutely obsessed with. Since 2010, I’ve been teaching the ukulele online through programs such as Skype and it has been the best job and career I could have ever hoped for. Helping people break through challenges and find those ‘aha’ moments, just like I did when I was learning, is what I live for! Building lesson plans for each person has taught me so much about people and that everyone learns in their own unique way. The best part about one-on-one lessons is adapting to each individual’s way of learning. I’m fortunate enough to have taught thousands of lessons and even been featured in the NY Times for my online teaching. I couldn’t imagine doing anything that I would enjoy more than sharing the ukulele with as many people as possible! Thank you so much for visiting my store page, Matt


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