Diminished Returns with Paul Hemmings

Learn how the diminished seventh chord holds the key to unlocking your ukulele’s fretboard.  Join Paul Hemmings in a comprehensive video workshop that will teach you how to use the diminished seventh chord to come up with any inversion of any kind of seventh chord.  And just as importantly, you’ll learn an incredibly useful system for tying them all together.

In this step-by-step tutorial you’ll be guided through the ins and outs of how to:

• Build chords out of scales
• Play the diminished scale
• Construct a diminished seventh chord
• Convert diminished into other seventh chords
• Tie together those chords’ inversions up the neck

With over an hour and twenty minutes of instruction and exercises, clearly animated chord charts and graphics, and all examples played on both high- and low-G ukuleles, this video is an invaluable resource for anybody looking to deepen their understanding of their ukulele’s fretboard.

About Paul

Viewing music through a wide-angle lens, Paul Hemmings utilizes the unassuming ukulele to fuse together elements of modern jazz, free improvisation, and American roots music.  His proclivity for crossing musical boundaries led All About Jazz to write, “Hemmings’ mixture of cultures, influences, and genres, exploring the edges of harmony and rhythm, is remarkably fresh and a complete success.”  Paul has released six albums on Leading Tone Records, including critically acclaimed recordings with saxophonists John Tchicai and Eric Alexander. His latest album, The Blues And The Abstract Uke, features Gaku Takanashi, Rudy Royston, Greg Tardy, and Curtis Fowlkes. The album earned a four-star review fromDown Beat magazine and a place in the CMJ Jazz Charts’ Top 100.   Paul lives in New York City where he has been a faculty member at the Third Street Music School Settlement, the nation’s oldest community music school, since 2001.


Co-founder of Ukulele Underground


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