Blues Ukulele with Jason Arimoto

If you’ve ever had an interest in playing the blues, but found it intimidating this is the course for you. Jason Arimoto is the premier ukulele blues player in the world and in this 6 part course, he breaks down everything you need to know about playing the blues on the ukulele.

In this course, you will learn everything from the fundamentals of blues chord progressions, all the way to using a glass slide to get that iconic blues wailing sound on your ukulele.

Part 1 – Blues Chords & the 12 Bar Blues (2 videos)

Part 2 – Blues Shuffle & adding Stank to Chords (3 videos)

Part 3 – Blues Scales & Your first Blues Solo (6 videos)

Part 4 – Bringing out the Blues & Adding more Notes (3 videos)

Part 5 – Bridging the Boxes & The Elmore James Riff (6 videos)

Part 6 – Intro into Slide Blues (5 videos)

Each part comes with supplementary practice and explanation videos to help you master the topic of the main video. 

If you’ve always wanted to try the blues, this is the best course to get you started!



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  • 25 videos
  • printable supplementary PDF included