10 Etudes for Fingerstyle Ukulele

10 Fingerstyle Etudes for Ukulele was written as an extension of our previously published Fingerstyle Ukulele Book (also available in our store). This book is specifically geared towards players who have a basic understanding and execution of fingerstyle techniques, but need more of a challenge in their playing (ideal for intermediate and advanced players).

Our etude book includes 9 original pieces (including two duets!) by Aaron Keim and 1 traditional Swedish waltz. Each piece is accompanied by a Youtube video where Aaron plays the tune and gives instructional tips and tricks. Currently, this book is only available in a digital format, but once you purchase the book you’re welcome to print it out for your own reference.

Etude 1: Fingerstyle Bootcamp
Etude 2: Another Waltz
Etude 3: Hornpipe
Etude 4: Two Note Tumble (Duet)
Etude 5: Whiskey Waltz
Etude 6: Promenade
Etude 7: Shuffle
Etude 8: Waltz After Lasse in Lyby
Etude 9: Bath Time Bounce
Etude 10: It’s About Time (Duet)

Supplementary Video Playlist

Aaron Keim has been teaching ukulele techniques and performing at festivals since 2004. As an educator with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a master’s degree in Musicology, his true talents lie in his ability to adapt instruction to fit a wide range of learners and learning styles. Aaron is an ambassador for old time folk music in the ukulele world, adapting banjo and guitar techniques to the ukulele (including playing in the “clawhammer” tradition). Learn more about Aaron at quietamericanmusic.com


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